Green Is My Name

The end of the “season”
January 7, 2009, 12:36 am
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My boyfriend and I just took down all our Christmas decorations, and as we were putting them away, I couldn’t help but be pretty satisfied with what we had done.

Our tree was decorated mostly with handmade ornaments, or ornaments that were given to us by others who were no longer going to be using them. The ones that we made by hand were made from old magazines from my office waiting room, and old toilet paper holders- and they looked SO COOL, if I do say so myself. It was exciting hanging up the ornaments we had made, I had so much invested in my tree. Plus it reminded me that of all the ornaments on my tree growing up, the ones I liked putting on the most were the ones I had made in school. (Heres looking at you macaroni ornament.)

Our Christmas lights (though bought new 2 years ago) are LED and have a lifetime of use left in them. Our tree was real and will be brought down to our local park this weekend to be turned into mulch as a part of a NYC parks department program. Our tree holder is all metal, so should ever break it too can be recycled.

Presents were either wrapped with previously used wrapping paper, or packaging paper from gift shipments. I even sewed a bag to be used as the gift wrapping…and it didn’t fall apart.

While not everything we gave was used or homemade, I am happy with the percentage of gifts that were. Its a great point to be starting from for next year.

Are there things I could have done better? Of course, but for now, I am thrilled with what I did do! Now I know what to do to set myself up for an even better “green” holiday season next year, and I cant wait to give it all a try.