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My Water Bottle
May 12, 2009, 12:56 pm
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One of the first conscience changes I made to my life was the purchase of a reusable water bottle.

I bought a Sigg bottle from for a total of $27.99 after shipping on 1/26/08. This means its been 472 days since I made the original purchase. I was so worried that the price was too high and I would never use it enough to justify the price. HA. (Now of course I see them everywhere I go, no need to worry about shipping and all the extra mess that goes with it.)

It did take a few days to arrive so I am going to round down and say I have had it in my possession for 465 days. Ive used it everyday since it arrived, meaning it has cost me $0.06 a day! What a bargain. I get my water straight from the tap without any sort of extra at home filtration, so that means I only spend six cents on water a day! SIX CENTS!

The bottle has certainly gotten a lot of abuse from both myself and my fiancee over the past year, so it does have some scrapes and dents, but no holes to speak of so all is well. I don’t mind the marks, I think of them as battle scars really. There is even a dent placed near the top that functions quite well as a thumb rest.

The bottle holds 1 liter which is great for car rides and to bring to work, but I must admit I am itching to get a slightly smaller one. It would be great to take with me when I know I have a day with a lot of walking ahead of me. The extra weight can be a real pain in the butt sometimes. It is never to hard to fill it up again so I wouldn’t be losing anything by not having the larger bottle with me. Also my fiancee tends to drink all the water in one gulp when we are together so I would love to be able to designate one bottle as mine and one as his.

I am surviving just fine without it for now, I figure I will wait until it somehow works it way to me. Maybe Christmas or something like that. I admit to having a crush on the 18 oz Kleen Kanteen in Green Moss!

Of course the best thing is that I haven’t purchased any water in containers of any size since I started using my bottle, and I have bought no single serve juices et cetera since then either. Plus, I think I am even better hydrated then I was in the past since I always have something to drink nearby.


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